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Gloria      10/28/2004 6:51:31 AM

Dear Wendy,

How are you? Hope you and Arielle are both doing well now!

I've been visiting your website from time to time, but as I cannot leave messages in Chinese at work, I have been silent for a long time. I was really worried and prayed for you when you were sick, and I'm glad you went through that period...

I have a piece of good news to share with you and other sisters here: I'm expecting a baby! I'm very excited...

And now a question about the heavy cheese cake: I want to make a 9-inch one instead of 8-inch. Do I just multiply all the ingredients by 1.5 as indicated at Claire's site? Do I need to prolong the baking time? And for how long?

Thanks and God bless,




關於cheese cake,蛋糕體的份量要等比例放大1.3~1.5倍(視高度決定)。但是餅乾底應該不用放大那麼多,只要用面積換算即可(也就是用9吋與8吋的這個直徑比例換算)。蛋糕體因為是換算體積,所以要用半徑與高度換算,乘出來自然放大比例較高。



Thanks for answering my question and reminding me about the cookie dough crust... I would have multiplied by 1.5 for its ingredients, too...

I'm glad to hear that MeiZi is also pregnant! I went to her website a few times and liked it... Please say hello to her for me, though I have never left her a word on her site...

We're all sisters in the Lord, so it's nothing to pray for each other... May God continue to guide us in His way!

Forgot to mention I read all the stuff on your site about your experience being pregnant and being a mom... It's very helpful! And I wish I will have a child as cute as XiaoYu...She is sooooo lovely!




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