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Yen      7/21/2003 1:09:00 PM

Hi Wendy,

Congradulations on your new job!
There are many things happened these days.... one big thing for me is that i am pregnant. just realize it since last week. it's really a big shock for me 'cause i never thought about having a baby so soon.

My morning sickness getting worse after knowing it. (well, it's better now.) and I have been so worried that baby won't get enough nutrition because i have no desire to eat anything at all.... the dr. said it's common and it will get better soon. but I am still worried. had you experienced it before?


Hi! Yen:
Congratulations! be happier, haveing a baby is wonderful.
i had very bad morning sickness untill 6 month. before then, i could not eat too much except vege. and fruit. in the begining , baby does not need too much nutrition so don't worry ur less eating. the most important thing is to keep a nice mood and let ur baby knows that u r really happy to have him/ her with u. good luck!

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不用太擔心小孩營養不足,但是你要每天吃醫生開的prenatal維他命喔!! 我看過一篇文章裡說,小孩會攝取母體的營養,只要母親不是很嚴重的營養不良,就不用擔心小孩挨餓.....小baby會先被餵飽,有剩的才輪得到存在媽媽體內的。所以你可能會因此變瘦一點就是了。


Thank you Wendy and Dianna!
I guess I was too nervous. I am so curious what kind of food I will carve for later.
What food you craved for? And when does it happen usually?

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聽說每個媽媽在懷孕期間的胃口變化不一樣,有的人會特別想吃什麼,這個要看你自己了,沒有一定的說法。反正想吃什麼就吃什麼,特別是容易有morning sickness的人,要把握任何有胃口吃的機會。


i remembered i only craved for clam chowder once when i was 3 month. my honey bought me 3 big cup of chowder from corner bakery. after then, i felt disgusting, don't like clam chowder at all.
i did not want to eat meat so my baby was kind of small. the 9th month doctor asked me to eat beef every day. i really hated beef then. well, you will be fine. take it easy, eat everything you like.....wish 好 孕. =^o^=

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